Southeast Nebraska Winery Trail
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Discover the Award-Winning Wines of Southeast Nebraska!

Welcome to the home of the newly formed Southeast Nebraska Winery Trail Association. We hope this will be the beginning of many exciting adventures and lasting relationships!


Our Association


The Southeast Nebraska Winery Trail Association came together to help wine lovers learn about and experience the quality and diversity of the wines crafted in our beautiful corner of Nebraska.


Award-Winning Wines


Collectively, we feature more than 100 different wines, many award-winners among them! We all take pride in creating exceptional wines to please each individual palate. You're sure to discover great wines in amazing local places and meet warm and welcoming people along the wine trail.


Member Wineries


Each of the eight wineries in the Association offers a unique experience that will keep you coming back for more!


Events and Entertainment


The Southeast Nebraska Winery adventure offers something for everyone: superb wine tasting, beautiful scenery, colorful history, and plenty of learning opportunities. But we don't stop there! We plan plenty of fun events each year, too — especially the upcoming Save Water, DRINK WINE, and Go Green event.


Let the Adventure Begin!


Don't settle for a ho-hum summer. Explore Southeast Nebraska, sample wonderful wines, and discover the fun on the Southeast Nebraska Winery Trail.


Let the wine trail adventure begin!

This project is funded in part by a grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development administered by the Nebraska Rural Development Commission.